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Wide grapevine trees

Grapevine trees Big Base can be enjoyed for holidays or any occasion. With our grapevine trees, you can truly experience nature and elegance. Our top quality rated Big Base Grapevine Tree are made with the best wild grapevines in the south. Our grapevine trees can be decorated to fit any season. Grapevine trees Large and small. We can build any size grapevine tree that you desire.
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  • Grapevine Trees 12"

    Grapevine Trees 12"

    12" in height and 9.5" in width is the wide base.
    Sale: $16.16
    Save: 10% off

    Min:  2
  • Grapevine Trees 18"

    Grapevine Trees 18"

    18" in height and 10.5" in width is the wide base.
    Sale: $19.76
    Save: 10% off

    Min:  2
  • Grapevine Trees 24"

    Grapevine Trees 24"

    24" in height and 10" in width is the wide base.
    Sale: $29.66
    Save: 10% off

  • Grapevine Trees 36"

    Grapevine Trees 36"

    36" in height and 16" in width is the wide base.
    Sale: $44.96
    Save: 10% off

  • Grapevine Trees 48"

    Grapevine Trees 48"

    48" in height and 20" in width is the wide base.
    Sale: $62.96
    Save: 10% off

  • Grapevine Trees 60"

    Grapevine Trees 60"

    60" in height and 24" in width is the wide base.
    Sale: $98.96
    Save: 10% off

  • Grapevine Tree 72"

    Grapevine Tree 72"

    72" in height and 28" in width is the wide base.
    Sale: $152.06
    Save: 10% off

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Must Have

Mary Johnson

fantastic and affordable!! I will order from here for my next decorative project.

Jerry Reynolds

I was impressed by the quality of both the products and the customer service.

Mark Williams

Got my Valentines day decorations and was extremely pleased. I can't believe I got such amazing quality for this low of a price.

Michelle Thompson

I bought some of the grapevine balls and wrapped them with lights for one of our spring cookouts and received so many compliments I just had to say thank you egrapevinestore for the quality you provided.